Which one is better Phalcon, Laravel, or CodeIgniter

Phalcon vs Laravel vs Codeigniter

Blog writing aims to allow the readers an insight into various popular web application frameworks that assist in designing the websites as per the requirement of businesses. The right comparison will help the readers to make a good choice while selecting a framework. Here, you can find immense knowledge and understanding towards the broadly used frameworks.

Here, we will look into the three powerful frameworks’ features and descriptions and the prime reasons for selecting a specific framework. Here, you can look ahead with appropriate Phalcon vs Laravel vs Codeigniter.


These days, Laravel is rather popular than other PHP frameworks. Working with an open-source framework lets the developers increase the web development speed without raising the project’s overheads. When it comes to scalability and performance, it works over more frameworks.

Moreover, it simplifies recent web application development by offering robust features such as Eloquent ORM, events, authentication library, queues, caching, route caching, route middleware, Blade template engine, and native security specifications.

Top Features

· Give outstanding framework and support

· Built-in authentication

· Gives stability and support

· Modular packaging

· Top-quality control sessions

· Easy third party integrations

Why Choose Laravel for developing web applications?

Laravel is an excellent choice to plan advanced full-stack web applications.

The prime reason for selecting Laravel-

1. Highly Progressive: The development grows with you. So no matter, you are a beginner or just an expert, this framework is right for you.

1. Well Connected Community: More than thousands of developers have contributed to framework designing for Laravel.

2. Scalable: It allows you to work applications at about a never-ending scale on AWS’s hottest serverless knowledge.


Phalcon is added to the list of best-used and open source PHP frameworks as per the statistics shared. It is available for free and is one of the fastest PHP frameworks available to use. The platform was made with innovative features and architecture as some of the lowest expenditures for an MVC-based application. Phalcon uses some resources and yet allows better performance. It can manage more HTTP requests compared to another framework as it is added in the C language. Furthermore, one can quickly modify and compiled for personalized usage.

Top Features of Phalcon

· Make framework at the individual level

· Give object-fixed mapping

· Low cost required

· Give the autoloading device

· Advanced routing capabilities

· Full-stack applications

Why Appoint Phalcon developers in India?

· An innovative architecture can be used with Phalcon PHP development services that are a wonderful option for each developer.

· The framework doesn’t need more operations and interpretations at each procedure.

· Small to large-scale business applications can be used by hiring the Phalcon Developers team in India.

· Phalcon Web development gives significant databases with an orchestration coating and view coating.


CodeIgniter is simple and graceful features for creating a dynamic web portal based on a robust PHP-based framework. It even works with MVC (model-view-controller) development design. Moreover, this platform is known for its great efficiency, speed, and lightness.

Top Features associated with Codelgniter

· Rather light-weighed

· Provide the right session management

· Image treatment library

· Data Validation

· In-built class support

· Error logging

· File uploading class

· Data encryption

Why Choose CodeIgniter?

The platform of CodeIgniter is available with different special features.

Small Footprint: It is offered with a 2MB download with user manual

Steadiness: It is relatively reliable with working and gives the best performance even under hard pressure.

Straightforward solutions: It allows easy, practical, and simple solutions to complex issues and troubles.

Security: It serves for best security and comes with immense protection against different attacks known as XSS and CSRF.


Laravel, CodeIgniter, Phalcon are renowned and broadening used frameworks. All of the frameworks have unique capacities and speeds. When it comes to the most selected PHP frameworks, Laravel is counted in the top list. But don’t overlook the significance of CodeIgniter and Phalcon.

Each framework has its pros and cons and knowing the difference between Laravel and CodeIgniter is essential for us. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to make a comparison of these frameworks. Instead, the application and choices of framework modification should be according to the need.

With the above evaluation, we can declare that Phalcon and Laravel have more specifications and configurations than CodeIgniter. When it comes to weight, CodeIgniter is remarkably light weighted as evaluated by the two.

It is important to know that CodeIgniter developers need to follow up with more authentication and updates. However, Phalcon and Laravel keep on updating as per the needs of the businesses. Phalcon has a faster work process as compared to Laravel and CodeIgniter.

We hope the above comparison about the difference between Laravel and CodeIgniter assists the readers and assists them to have professional skills about the renowned frameworks. The idea at the back of the blog is not to disgrace or position any framework on the reader’s mind. On the contrary, it is even suitable for better understanding.




Albert Smith is a Digital Marketing Manager with Hidden Brains, a leading enterprise web & mobile app development company specializing in IoT, Cloud & Big Data

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A Smith

A Smith

Albert Smith is a Digital Marketing Manager with Hidden Brains, a leading enterprise web & mobile app development company specializing in IoT, Cloud & Big Data

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