Types of Multi-Vendor Marketplace and Features

The multi-Vendor online marketplace has been in existence for a long. After all, consumers don’t like shopping from just one retailer. Today’s savvy customers like options and prefer a single marketplace offering a broad range of products. Undoubtedly, this has resulted in the rise of an online marketplace, where everything is available under one roof.

Whether it is an electronic gadget or home furnishing, consumers can conveniently purchase items online at the convenience of their homes. The convenience of shopping has resulted in an online multi-vendor marketplace explosion.

Types of Multi-vendor Marketplace

With a lucrative commission structure and competitive pricing, the marketplace provides viable options for processing transactions. For small-sized businesses and merchants, the marketplace gives an easy way to establish an eCommerce store quickly, at the same time eliminates huge costs, development time, and marketing efforts.

Essential Elements of Multivendor Marketplace

Easy signup is a key to success. Make the signup process hassle-free and simple. The important aspect is keeping forms short. No one has hours to fill up the sign-up form. It is about keeping the process concise and devoid of complications.

Remember the first impression matters. Customers don’t have hours to fill in detailed information. Remember the onboarding process should include alternatives.

Hassle-free Payment Gateways

Today’s savvy customers need options when it comes to making payments. Ensure that the marketplace includes various payment gateway integration. Be it net banking, debit/credit card, Paypal, Paytm, payment wallet, ensure payment gateways are globally compatible and carefully considered.

Quick Search & Navigation

Never underestimate the importance of the advanced search for marketplace platforms. After all, the platform offers products and services from different providers and needs a quick advance/quick search option to find products based on queries. The content has to be optimized for the screen size of different screens.

For Buyers

  • An easy the checkout system
  • Reliable order processing and tracking
  • Social Media Sharing options
  • E-wallet
  • Discount coupons and offers
  • Save Product as a Favorite and Shop as a Favorite.
  • Create lists and add a favorite product to a particular list.
  • Private Messaging with sellers
  • Save search criteria
  • Write Products Reviews
  • Add Sellers and Brands into their Favorite list
  • Social Media Sharing options
  • Option to Save multiple Delivery and Billing Addresses
  • Track Orders & Purchase History
  • Update Prole, edit personal
  • Request for refund and exchange

For Sellers

  • Product management
  • Order processing flow
  • Communication tools
  • Manage products including product info, stock, Pictures & Video, delivery
  • Product Shipping Charge & Tax Rate Applicable
  • Manage product attributes and options
  • Featured Products
  • Selling History
  • View all Orders placed by Buyers
  • Ability to manage Orders Status
  • Ability to manage return requests
  • Seller Payout Payment Details
  • Reports & Insights
  • Credit summary
  • Fund withdrawal

Admin Panel

Features For Site Admin:

  • Manage Customers
  • Advertisements
  • Manage Product List
  • Ratings & Coupons
  • Review & Ratings of Products
  • Gift Cards
  • Coupons & Promo Code
  • Refer and Earning
  • Raffle and Draws
  • Manage Merchants
  • Payment Wallet
  • Product Returns
  • Location-Based Selling

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