How Long Does it Take to Develop a Web Application

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Understandably you’re super anxious to get the site launched. When you are shortlisting or narrowing down on a web application development company, one of the most frequently asked questions about web development is how long does it take to develop a web application?

But the answer to this question depends on several factors such as complexity of the application, features, UI/UX, API integration, and much more.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner, a great website is essential for your company’s success. If you are contemplating building a new website or you’ve seen great new designs on other sites and it’s become apparent that your website is outdated, now is the time to go ahead with your project. Obviously, you will go through anxious moments to launch a new website or revamp an existing website.

Remember that web application development is a long-term process, not a quick fix.

There is no magic wand. There are many multiple website themes available, but customizing and adding new features can make your website unique and give you an edge over the competition.

You need a team of experts with extensive experience in developing web applications from scratch as well as they have domain knowledge. This is the key to success.

Here is the likely composition of the web application development team:

  • Back-end developer
  • Front-end
  • UX/UI Design
  • Project manager
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Business analyst

Website development comprises different steps critical to success, irrespective of the complexity and magnitude of the project. Although coding is a very important aspect, several other steps such as QA, security checklists, content generation are important steps. The journey of web development is constant and evolving. Each step in web development is important. Knowing these steps will help you estimate the timeline for development, understand how to get things done, and get complete control over the project.

This article will show you the factors that determine how long it takes to build a web application.

Discovery and Analysis

This is one of the most widely ignored steps in development and seldom do people realize its importance. It involves accumulating information about market scenarios, conducting extensive competitor analysis as well as deciphering the target audience’s preferences. This information sheds light on the very purpose of the website, target audience, demographics, and non-negotiable features of the website.

If this step is ignored, the remaining steps of the web application development lifecycle will not provide results. In fact, the entire process will collapse like a pack of cards.

Planning and Strategy

The planning phase carries out various stages related to content structure, wireframe, feasibility analysis, validation, technology stack, and software development methodology. Creating a sitemap, estimating a timeline, defining milestones, and allocating resources and time are all part of the planning phase. Ultimately, you need to align the branding of the website with the overall appearance of the website.

Design Prototyping

This stage is not just about creating appealing aesthetics, but infusing soul into your website with color themes, typography, graphics, and user experience. Keep in mind your audience, research & design an interactive website that caters to their preferences and demands. Make sure your website or application does not become mundane.


The development phase involves the actual building of the website. It is the most time-consuming part of the website development process.

Frontend vs Backend vs Full-Stack Development: Understanding the differences

A front-end web developer implements visual elements that users can see and interact with within a web application. Transforming layouts and design ideas into reality, frontend developers ensure all elements collaborate and work when a user communicates with a website.

Frontend developers are supported by backend developers working on server-side application logic and integration. Working on everything that empowers websites behind the scenes, backend developers work on a seamless interface between server and database.

When developers master both the front-end and the back-end, they become full-stack developers who manage the front-end and back-end, ensuring reduced costs and quicker time to market.

Testing and Quality Assurance

QA & Testing plays an important role in identifying & removing bugs in the system. With the help of different testing methods, QA teams check each and every aspect of the functionality, usability, and performance of the web app.

Deployment and Maintenance

Upon QA & testing, the website or app is ready to go live. But if you think that it is time to take a backseat and relax. You are mistaken. Web application development requires continuous feedback & enhancement. This makes app maintenance a very important part to engage users.

  • Device, browser, and operating system checks
  • Responsiveness across systems
  • SEO
  • Functionality, content check
  • Loading speed optimization

Here is the list of needs for your software solution that defines both the cost & time of the application development:

  • Features and functions
  • Design features
  • Services
  • Technology and frameworks
  • Development team’s level of expertise, location, & rates


We hope the above will give you a good idea of standard timescales for different types of websites. Each step in the development process could take several weeks. But everything depends on the complexity of the website and level of customization.

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