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With app-building in demand, web developers are always on the hunt for the platforms and frameworks that allow them to put their skills to work, creating excellent-looking and best-performing apps. Xamarin is indeed one of the most sought-after open-source platforms that will enable web developers to create futuristic Android, iOS, and Windows apps. This platform enables developers to share a comprehensive percentage of application across multiple platforms via shared code.

With Xamarin, the developers have the control of code writing in their hands, they can reuse the already written code or write their own with that unique business logic all…

MEAN Stack vs. MERN Stack

A technology stack is a set of programming languages, technologies and frameworks. A technology stack ensures an integrated and uninterrupted development procedure, adding perfect balance and flexibility to any project.

In the earlier days, separate developers were working on CSS, HTML or JavaScript. But now, a full stack developer can handle everything, including Frontend, Backend, Database to User Interface with the blend of tools and the software products which work perfectly in combination.

In web development, full-stack development is fast becoming the norm. Now, what is full-stack development? It offers the ideal solution for frontend, backend, testing and mobile application…

Apple iOS app development continues to be both developers and user’s choice. For more than a decade, ioS app developers have fought hard to get their apps installed. It is important to partner with an iOS application development company to gain an advantage. The ultimate goal is to get you to open the app, increase time spent on the app interface, engage with some content, and watch a few ads.

According to statistics, Apple had paid a total of over 200 billion U.S. dollars to iOS app developers selling goods and services through the App Store. The cumulative payout to…

Developing web & mobile applications is a painstakingly slow process and many companies or entrepreneurs face challenges. It is often a very expensive process-and mistake could plummet the costs. Mistakes could often dampen the development team’s budget and energy. In this blog, we will list some mobile & web app development challenges that companies come across.

Here are the challenges faced during the mobile & web app development process

Lack of Emphasis on Responsive

Responsive design is now an undisputed approach when it comes to accessing online web content. In order to ensure seamless navigation and access to website content, you must enable users to access it from all types of devices. There are numerous industry-best web application…

Learn graphic design trends that influence the industry in 2021

designer sitting in front of mac
designer sitting in front of mac
photo by fauxels: Pexels

To meet the modern and latest trends, graphic designers have to opt for new techniques and different strategies. Presently, designing is much more than good color combinations or font visibility.

Hence, due to the digital revolution, designing attributes should be based on highly innovative attributes such as 3D-based animations, asymmetrical Layouts, and seamless gradients. Along with this, to increase user experience, the design also should have the ability to communicate with the customers as well as clients.

The adoption of modern trends has redefined the designing experience as ever before. Due to this, they have turned as the trends in…

Google announced the launch of Android 12 Developer Preview. This Android developer preview version comes with a host of new features aimed at improving robustness, user experience, and overall privacy and security. Developer preview version provides a glimpse of what the Android 12 Developer preview scheduled for release this year looks like.

If you are planning to develop an app or upgrade an existing app with new features of Android 12, get in touch with a leading Android application development company. Throughout the year, there will be updates that will impact the performance of the Android app.

Android 12: Timeline to Release

The Android 12…

Mobile Application Trends 2021
Mobile Application Trends 2021

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. From big data, AI, ML, Blockchain to IoT, technology is evolving and transforming mobile app development. The key to success is meeting the pace of change to deliver breakthrough and innovative mobile app solutions for your customers.

The year 2020 and COVID 19 changed the perceptions of people. Technology, particularly mobile applications transformed the way people survived during the pandemic and stayed connected amidst lockdown. The line between online and offline is becoming less blurred as time goes on.

When it comes to technology innovation, it is important to adapt for longevity with…

The use of mobile applications is increasing constantly. Mobile Operating systems such as Android and iOS continue to evolve and offer new features to increase user traction with high-performance apps.

According to Forbes, “App downloads from the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play topped 64 billion in the first half of the year, App Annie says. That’s up 10% from 2019 numbers. The 27% of waking hours consumers spent on mobile in early 2020 was up 20% from 2019 levels.”

For mid-large entities, it is important to launch enterprise-level apps on different platforms to comply with the modern business…

The multi-Vendor online marketplace has been in existence for a long. After all, consumers don’t like shopping from just one retailer. Today’s savvy customers like options and prefer a single marketplace offering a broad range of products. Undoubtedly, this has resulted in the rise of an online marketplace, where everything is available under one roof.

Whether it is an electronic gadget or home furnishing, consumers can conveniently purchase items online at the convenience of their homes. The convenience of shopping has resulted in an online multi-vendor marketplace explosion.

Types of Multi-vendor Marketplace

Online marketplaces have completely transformed the eCommerce industry. There is quick availability…

Image source: Tranmautritam from Pexels

A website is much more than a group of pages simply connected by links. Any website you see is an interface, it is a space where individual people, companies, or groups meet, communicate, and affect each other. This type of interaction creates an experience for the visitor. And, as a web designer, it becomes your job to ensure that experience is as good as it can possibly be.

Below are some tips to ensure you provide great UI/UX design and development services to your clients.

Define how people will use the interface

It is important that before you design your interface, you define how people will use it. …

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